We need an ASP.NET Core Course

Dear Mosh,

Happy Holidays!!

Thank you for all you do for the community. I love your courses and how through you are. Knowing that you’re a great teacher I plead and indulge your benignity to create an ASP.NET Core course please. it’s been years since we had anything on C#

Thank you for considering my request.

Have a lovely holiday

Honestly I think Microsoft Learn has ton of nice tutorials to introduce you to any Microsoft related topic.
If it is not already the case i advise you to create an “officializable” (i.e. no stupid email but one you can confidently share professionally) account and learn on it. My company asked me to link my account for certification purpose.

You should really pay a visit.

Learning the basics from courses is cool. Straying on your own path to learn further is inevitable.

Good luck and Cheers

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