Python and Visual Studio begginner

Hi! Nice to be here.

I’m a complete rookie trying to change careers to Tech. I was wondering if anyone had any recommended books and if someone has a list or book that has all the Visual Studio commands? I’m doing the Python Mastery Course and sometimes I forget the basic commands to run the program and stuff like that and I forgot to take notes on that. Could someone share this to me please?

Hi if your looking to learn tech / programming you are in the right place. I spent a lot of money on books but I found out the hard way, Mosh is the best resource / teacher. When I try to read my programming books its very hard to understand compared to Mosh course. He has a great way of explaining complex concepts to beginners so its easy to understand and you will get more done in less time.

If you have code runner extension on vscode you can run the program by right click in the window. I also attached vscode shortcut cheatsheet

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Thanks for the help, this exactly what I was looking for.

Any books for the theory behind Python? I like the Mosh course however sometimes I feel like we lack a lot of theory behind what is what and why its important.
I’ve downloaded a couple of books but still feel like they don’t fit because they don’t mention Visual Studio.

If your looking for the theory behind python, this is starting to get into the more computer science realm. Best you take Mosh’s Java series and data structures and algorithms course. This explains more deeply what goes on under the hood in our programs.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to 0’s and 1’s or bits and bytes. Computers use base two numbering system or binary patterns to represent numbers which allows the computer to count which in turn allows them to compute. Of course its more complex than this but from this basic construct we get all the things we have today like images, movies, sound, games, AI etc, its the transmission of information through data.