Full Python Course Needs Updating?


I was advised to kickstart my Python journey with Mosh’s 6-hour-long Python full course. Having followed along a bit, I wanted not to miss the opportunity to purchase the actual course which was on sale and here I am.

The Youtube tutorial prefers PyCharm as the developing environment while the course prefers VsCode. Now, forgive me if I’ve totally missed it but which method by the same author is to be followed? Is it a matter of change of preferences over time or something else?

Thanks in advance.


Chapter 1 Episode 5

VSCode command advised by Mosh yields errors. That is the most simple thing I did without any errors on PyCharm. VSCode looks to have changed and it is frustrating being unable to follow the course as intended.

I had to use “&” instead of “$” shown in the video. I figured it out by clicking Run for that line of code and watching what terminal did.

This course needs more details and updating. This is not beginner-level.


The way PyLint reports errors seem to have changed.

You can use whatever IDE you prefer (including a completely different IDE). It should not significantly affect the course material. Different IDEs have different features. I think Mosh just tries to use VSCode lately since he already uses it for most of his other languages.

What errors? What did you write and what errors did you get. PS: it is better to create separate topics for different issues.

Are you talking about getting it to run on the command line? The $ is part of Mosh’s shell prompt, it is not something he types manually to get his code to run. You should not need to type & either (which is generally used to run commands in the background).

This does not seem like a significant change that would mean the course needs to be updated. These sorts of things change all the time. The core material in the course is about how to write Python code. If Python syntax changed significantly I would agree that it deserves an update.

If you have a particular issue with the pylint setup, bring it up in a dedicated topic.