Python course updating

Nice course but I think he should really make a new course because literally, everything he’s saying has changed. It’s becoming frustrating trying to understand what his doing when I can’t see nor understand what’s going on

Care to give some specific examples of what’s changed that you had to deal with?

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One is the code runner. Where you use settings.json. I can’t find how to change the python -u to python3. I see the video in the course but those settings/display aren’t on the app.

I’ll also update as i see more

You wont see much change for Python. Your issue is with the instructions pertaining to vs code. Is he to make a new update to the course each time Microsoft makes a vs code feature change?

You do have a good point. I would say it’s good practice to at least keep track of changes and can update it in writting in the videos if it is not that big. Or something in that area. because a lot of people are new. Asking them to start searching the internet to look for what they don’t know wouldn’t be the greatest idea, i would think.

I would think if someone where having an issue with a tool they installed they would browse the documentation of the tool, not sure why they would need to guess where to start. Owner’s manuals and documentation are a pretty standard thing for any product.

VS Code Python Setup Documentation

That said, the number of issues and topics that have been created in this forum for the Python course and vs code setup is insane. It’s typically the same questions. I am not sure people even search the see if their problem has already been addressed in another post before they post.

I get why Mosh is using VS Code as the editor, but looking back at it now…maybe just sticking to the Python IDLE and interpreter would have been easier for newer people, with a mention of other editors and a note to read the documentation if you would like to use one of those instead