Problem in lesson 5

Hello everyone. First post here. Ok, when Mosh starts the first line of code… he types print, then inserts double parenthesis, then inserts double quotes within the parenthesis, and then types Hello World. At that point, he somehow clicks on something that makes a box with a bunch of emoij images appear on the screen, and he clicks on one which appears after Hello World. How did he make that box appear on the screen? Thing is, I’m trying to do exactly what he is doing, but I’m stuck and baffled how he did this.
Also a little baffled at something else. When I first found Moshes tutorials on youtube, the first instruction was to download PyCharm. But when I began his online course, his first instruction was to download VScode. Why is that. Just curious, because following Mosh in VScode was really a lesson in frustration as what shows on his screen is totally different than shows on mine, although after watching lesson 4 over and over, and clicking on all kinds of stuff in VScode, I finally started to see how it works…somewhat. Btw, I’m on a PC, and it appears Mosh uses a Mac, because the screens look so different. Anyway, thanks for any insight.