Python Ch5 what am i doing wrong?

I am just getting started.

I am attempting to copy Mosh, following what he does in Visual Studio. But I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Also, how does he get that cat emoji to work

This is what I am trying to follow from Mosh.

I can only attach one picture as a new user.

He opens the emoji window and copies the emoji and pastes it in his code. Try looking for that in your OS. In Ubuntu it is Window + . (window key then the period). It brings up the emoji window. Not sure your OS. See thins link as well:

Also, looks like you are running in Power Shell. Try CMD. I am no windows expert, but I seem to remember things run a little differently in PS. If it works in the command line, chances are something is not set right in PS.

See this:

Looking at your output, if you are in the directory of your script, try

python .\

Again, just throwing things out (which I found while searching your issue. That may be a first logical start when you are having issues)

The error being thrown looks like a PS error message. If this is your intended dev environment, learn how to interpret these messages. Unless you are very proficient in PS, I would recommend just straight CMD. More straightforward.

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I saw your like. Thank you for that.

Please be sure to share with the forum what you did, in anything, to work through this. You could be helping others in a similar situation.