How to access this screen?

Hi, I just started this course.
But I’m stuck on this slide.
It says download Python which I did.
But Mosh does not say how to get to this screen.
Can someone tell me how to access this???


When you say “But Mosh does not say how to get to this screen.”, do you mean the black screen where the print(’’) is written??

Thanks for responding to me.

But when it is installing. When it get to My SQL Server - It is asking to RECONFIGURE. When I click on RECONFIGURE it say this:

Sorry this is regarding SQL. Which I’m also having issues with.

Yes. This was regarding Python. Thanks! I down loaded it. Guess Mosh missed that one.
Especially for those who are unfamiliar with it. Like me.

Ok. The black screen where you type your code is called Code Editor (also called Text Editor). There are many out there. Mosh uses Visual Studio Code (abreviated VS Code) which is open source (no cost).

More code editors (NotePad ++, VIM, EMACS, ATOM, Sublime Text, etc )

Just to be clear. Could you open the code editor and start writing your code?

Yes I was able to do that. Thank you!