Help me with VSCode error

Why is this happening

You have entered “HelloWorld $python” but you just want “python”

Wait in the video it said to type helloworld, why is that

Is it because I am on windows which means I don’t need to enter HelloWorld?

I do not think he actually said that. That was the name of the directory on his Mac.

I mean, it is going to look slightly different if you are not using the same shell (I believe Mosh is using zsh). How you invoke the program is generally going to be the same (for the most part). He is not entering any of the stuff before the $ which is part of the prompt in his shell.

Wait is it ok to have both pylance and pylint

Also what is this

Yes. They are completely different things. One is a VSCode extension. The other is a linting tool for helping you improve your code style.

That is pylint telling you to add documentation comments to your code. You can disable them if you do not want them or just ignore them altogether. See pylint documentation for details (search “pylint documentation” in your favorite search engine).

what are documentation comments, and do they have effects on if the codes work?

As with all comments, they have no effect on the code working or not.

Here is some documentation about these special documentation comments or “docstrings”:

if anybody is still here, i apologize for the tech issues, I am on windows and mosh said python -u is fine. but its not giving me 1000.

What does that show in the terminal tab?

That is the problems tab. Look about the Terminal one that is further to the right.

Yes I know that, but it’s saying that there is missing material. Do I just ignore that?

Yes, it is your linter telling you that you are missing the docstring. For now, just know that it is not required, but it is a good practice. You will understand more about them in the course. If you can not wait until then read this.

Real Python: Python Docstrings


Hello, I had the same problem.

I cannot run the program and I dont know why.

Mosh does not have powershell focus terminal active, it is the only difference between my code and him, so is that a problem? or did I miss somenthing.