Pylint is installed but not giving instruction

Hello. Everything was followed but i cannot see pylint in action as mosh when he hovered the “print” word that suggested to have a parenthesis. When i search for help online, seems the latest version of VSCODE has problem communication with python. Please confirm this.
And what should i do? Thank you guys in advance!

If you save the file first does it work?

Still No. I’m using windows so i did Ctl+S first before hovering my cursor to “print”.

Maybe pylint is not configured to give that specific error. What do you see when you hover your mouse over the word hello with the squiggly underline? Your mouse is not shown in the screenshot you uploaded (nor any pop up message).

The problem is, the squiggly blue underline is missing under the “print” word. It supposed to be there as mosh’s example.

My apologies. It is already working. I just didn’t scrolled down the message/pop-up when i hovered the print. It’s just that, a little different now from what i saw in mosh’s video since the version was 2018.

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This inside the redbox is what i was looking for. A bit different presentation from mosh’s video. Anyway, Thank you for helping me!

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