Unable to Install Pylint

Hi. I have just started the Complete Python Mastery course. I am up to 1.6 which explains how to install the python extension and pylint in VS code. I am following the video and can install the python extension without problem. However, once installed I do not get the automatic message that pylint is not installed. As I am never prompted to install pylint, I have no idea how to install it. It would be great if someone could help!

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Try to reinstall python, and then run python in vs code.
I think then you may get a pop up for installing pylint


I am experiencing the same problem. It may be related to the VS Code version?

Need help. Thanks.


I also have this problem. I’ve tried to reinstall both python and VS code, both to no avail. The error message doesn’t come up, and when I try to search or pylint manually, nothing comes up.

Since pylint isn’t working, when I type, there is no dropbox to autofill the code command for me and there is also no red underline if/when code is wrong.

I was previously using pycharm which was brilliant, but since switching to VS code, I haven’t even been able to start the actual content, I’m being held back by program issues.

Please help!


Hi @Grace Please update your VSCode version.

I am having same problem… I downloaded everything lsat night, so it’s all up to date… I tried uninstalling and reinstalling… I never get the box to popup asking to instal Linter…

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Are you on Mac or PC?

I think it may have something to do with Python 3.9. Cuz, Im having the problem on Mac, where I have Python installed, and when copy what Mosh does in Unit1 Video#6, I get no red underline under “Print.” BUT, I got a chance to try all of this on my Windows computer, and when I type “print ‘Hello World’” and hit save, I get the red underline, BUT, it’s under the term “Hello” and not print… like in Mosh video. I think Python v3.9 is not only different from Mosh video, but also operates slightly differently whether it’s mac vs pc… but I cant verify this cuz I am new to all of this… but it is my hunch… let me know how it all works for you. :slight_smile:

Somthing else… if you bring up the Command Pallette (right click in a blank area on your file, and it should be at the bottom of the menu)… click that, and in the search area, type Python: run linter… and variety of “lint” commands should pop up… you can “run pylint”, or turn it on, etc… I think that is proof that pylint is there… and I think pylint just has been updated to operate differently than Mosh’s older video… not sure tho.

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Try to reinstall python, and then run python in vs code.
I think then you may get a pop up for installing pylint

I am on windows and also noticed the red underline was in a different location on my terminal than on Mosh’s in the video. It’s definitely either a python or VS Code version thing.

I had this same problem, but when I opened app.py the pop-up came back and I could move forward with the steps.
type “linter” and choose “Select Linter”
choose pylint


I don’t have access to Python course, but I’ll try to help.

I manage to replicate the ‘I can’t find pylinter’ query. Here is what I did to find the pylint thing and how you can see the errors as you type.

  1. Make sure you install the Python extension. Here is the picture of the one I installed

python 1

  1. Now, type some python code with a very obvious error… and save the file (you know… with the .py ending)

  2. You will see a pop up with the pylint thing you are looking for. This is what I got:
    python 2
    Of course, click on install! :wink:

  3. Finally I managed to see the highlight you are looking for (and probably the one on the videos)

Let me know if this description solves the issue.

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I had this problem with Python 3.9 on a Mac and when reinstalled the VS it was fixed. The popup appeared and I was able to install pylint.

Hi. I’m new to python course, I was able to install pylint successfully. Just tab on python extension on VSC and do right click, then immediately tab on another version ( select version to install and choose the old version that has been installed on last November 2020). Once you click on, you need to reload the extension and pylint message will appear automatically and off course click install. All the process being illustrated by images and I hope that will help!.

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I am having an issue getting Pylint to work (reading the forum I see that a number of people have also had issues with VSCODE and Pylint) I have reinstalled Python a number of times and I have used the command pallete to select Pylint and to enable, but I still get the same issue which is a red squiggly line under the string instead of a straight underline under the function.
So, I decided to read the topic in the VSC help section and I found the below note on their website:

If you’re using a global environment and VS Code is not running elevated, linter installation may fail. In that case, either run VS Code elevated, or manually run the Python package manager to install the linter at an elevated command prompt for the same environment: for example sudo pip3 install pylint (macOS/Linux) or pip install pylint (Windows, at an elevated prompt).

If I hover over my installed extension list, it says that:
‘This extension is enabled globally’ so I assume my installation of Pylint has failed for being both a global environment and not running elevated.
Please would someone kindly, and in simple terms, as I am not technically proficient (I am working on it) explain what I would need to do to resolve my issue?

Thank you:)

Same problem here. I think I’ll ask a full refund

Try Reading this Topic : Python Pylint Extention

You can manually install pylint in vs code
Just go to vs code terminal and write pip install pylint
The it will install pylint.
2nd way
type some python code with a very obvious error… and save the file (you know… with the .py ending)
Screenshot 2022-07-02 231452

go to command palette and type pylint
Screenshot 2022-07-02 231708
and then select Python:Select Linter then you will get pop up notification of install linter pylint

Any issues you get install pylint then message me in gmail- ugprakash006@gmail.com