Complete Python Mastery Python Extension

Hi guys,

I just started with the above mentioned course and have unfortunately immediately a problem:
in video 6 one is asked to install the extensions, which I did.
But I missed to install the pylint. Now it says I have the extension but I am not notified about mistakes in the code as Mosh shows in the video.
What should I do now? How can I install the pylint stuff now or can check whether it is loaded?

Best and thanks.

Go to the terminal then type
pip install pylint

Go to palete(Ctrl+shift+p)
Search for select linter
Then tap on pylint

Thanks a lot for your answer.

  1. when I type pip install pylint in the terminal the answer is: zsh: command not found: pip

  2. When I go to palette I can select pylint. But in the example in the video it is shown directly via red underline that something is wrong. e.g: print “ddd”: here print should be underlined and a window should open that suggests to add the brackets. That does not work in my program.

Thanks again. Grein

Ok try
Python version ?

Try this pip3 install pylint

And if not work

First select python interpreter from pellete and then use pip command to install pylint

Before this

Have you install python extension ?

Thanks a lot for your help. Now it works. Best Grenni

What did you do to fix it? I am still not able to get it to work.

What’s the problem in your case

I receive no indication of installation of pylint, and nothing happens when trying to select or use the linter. I have seen a few posts stating that pylint doesn’t play well with VSC. Right now, I am just trying to recreate the exercises with KomodoIDE

I wanna say pylint is not working ? If that a case

First–> go to command pallete (CTRL+SHIFT+P) >> type linter >> select any linter (pylint recommended)

If it’s show an error
Try to install pylint from vs terminal

pip install pylint and repeat above process also it’s better to install extension (python) as mosh mentioned in early videos

That’s the thing. Selecting a linter results in nothing. No message or pop-up. Comman pallete > run linting doesn’t do anything either. I don’t know how to install via terminal, I will review the video again and see if I missed something

Follow the step :
Select python interpreter first (from pallete)

Ctrl+shift+~ (vs code terminal open)

In terminal type

pip install pylint

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I’m dumb. I figured out what you were asking and got it set up right after I commented. I was trying to run a windows terminal versus working in the terminal of vscode. Newb…

Thank you so much for helping me!

Yes this worked! Thank you so much, I couldn’t figure out how to install this either!!

Hay…can you help me please
i Still have that problem
i have installed python Extention but
I haven’ received the message that showed in the course which says pylint isn’t installed and then:
i have installed it using pip install pylint and i went to palete(Ctrl+shift+p) and Searched for select linter and choosed pylint and i also did python: Run Linting and i make sure that i chosed the python eviroment correctly as it said in the cource
and i checked if python is installed usin the pip show and it showed that i have
but Still there is problems…like :
when i type print “Hello World” there is no red line under print but there is red line under “Hello World” and when i hover my mouse over it. it shows (statements must be separated by newline or semicolons {pylance} )…and that is not the error i need which is this ().
I Wish Someone Can Help

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