Linting in Chapter 1 unit 7

Hello guys,

While trying to follow the course in Chapter 1 unit 7 pylint did not come out instead it was pylance. I’m trying to select lint but it open into another path vscode>settings.json instead of Another attempt such as using flake8 also leads to the same path. How to resolve these issues?

Thanks in advance


Try to : 1. open command pallete 2. search for: Python: Select Linter 3. Choose Pylint

another one:
Try to uninstall your vscode and install the latest version

also try not to press any other options if you get them regarding linters unless you get the same option as Mosh and press that one, basically just follow his exact steps

Hello. Did you solve the problem already? Seems mine is also the same problem as yours. everything was followed but i cannot see pylint in action as mosh when he hovered the “print” word that suggested to have a parenthesis.

Found it
Ctrl-Shift-P to bring up Command Pallete
Type Python
Scroll down until you see Python: Select Linter
Choose Pylint

You should then see the error as in the video. Click install and restart VSCode.

Ctrl-Shift-X: Search Pylance
Disable and reload

Hello, I am having the same problem but following the steps above I cannot find Python: Select Linter, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Python extension from VS Code but I am getting nothing. Also there is no reload button like in the videos. I am stuck here does anyone have any ideas or advice. Thank you in advance for any help offered.