Python Linting is not working

I am trying to follow the Code With Mosh Python Mastery class and on section 1.6 and 1.7 I cannot get the python linter to work at all. Is this because of the newest version of python (3.12.0)? I installed Pylint but do not see any options for linting in the view - command pallette. Please can someone help!

Are you using Vs code

Hey! It seems like the issue might be related to the Python version or the linter configuration. Try checking if your linter paths are set correctly in your editor settings, and ensure that Pylint is compatible with Python 3.12.0. You can also consider checking for updates or alternatives in the Code With Mosh community forum for more tailored assistance! If you are interest in reading blog you can visit this website.

I am using the VS code, just following the instructions from the tutorial