PyLint no even an option

Hi, I am on video 7 where I have followed the video to install Python in VS Code, however, I do not even get the option to install PyLint. In addition searching through the marketplace it is not even there.
I am running python 3.9.2 and for instance if I type:
print “hello world” the only error underlined is Hello. Nothing to highlight the fact that no parenthesis were used
Is there a way to install Pylint when its not even an option?


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Check this post where people have proposed some options

Nope. Tried all that. Updated to the latest version and still the same problem

exactly, I have the same issues.

Did anyone find a solution? I struggle with the same problems

Same here. Windows 10, Python 3.9, vsc 1.55

Ensure that you select the correct python version you have installed on your Windows system at the bottom of your VScode interface. You should be able to get the message to install Pylint.

I use VSCode and haven’t found PyLint as an option in some versions.
Nevertheless, that service (linting) is provided by another linter tool called PyLance that works good enough for me.
Have you tried it?

Revisiting the issue, on version 1.60.2 of VSCode Pylint is available.
Presss Shift+Ctrl+P to get the search menu, tipe “lint” and the “Python: Select linter” option will show up. The option list includes pylint.