What is your opinion on Mosh's Python programming course?

For me it’s not beginner friendly. Lots of the examples he makes cannot be understood by a newbie like me.

What about you guys? Do you guys check for youtube tutorials on topics you cannot understand?

I am finding it hard too, but am impressed with Mosh. So far, almost half way through, I have found the concept of lambda functions really hard to get my head round. Generally though, he gets my vote. Today was a bit frustrating because when I typed Mosh’s code into VSCode, it didn’t give the result Mosh gave. I’ll raise a support request on this forum, hopefully some altruistic soul will help, like a coupla weeks ago, when I asked a really dumb question.

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I have just finished Section 07 Classes, so about half way through. So far I have been impressed with the course and how Mosh presents the topics. What I am appreciating is the explanation around terms linked to Object Orientated Programming.

I came to the course after initially starting to watch the YouTube version and deciding to pay for the course. Generally I find YouTube and google searches are useful ways of getting additional information to support your understanding.

Also I have been doing the course in a Jupyter_Lab rather than VS Code. That way I can have my code and notes in the same place. I also try to create my own examples using the topics covered, to check my understanding. For me classes has been been the hardest part in trying to understand when you would do certain things, i.e. properties etc. I also took several attempts to master the exercise in video 5-23.

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