Tool tip from Mosh's Csharp lectures

Hi All
This is a screenshot from Mosh’s Csharp lectures.
I have shown the ‘offending’ part with a yellow oval kinda mark with an arrow( plz. see the attached pix)
I dont see this on my V.S , but Mosh has this . Is this because Mosh is using resharper ?
This looks quite handy to us beginners & I would like to have/see it too on my V.S . (aka…‘Main’ ,‘Program’ ends with text visualisation)

That was it …
Thx. all !

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I never saw that in VS neither and my first guess was it is indeed ReSharper action.
Did not notice that when I tried it but it is kinda make me think it would have such feature.
Else it is another extension.

So, I presume it’s ReSharper then? I wouldn’t know why Mosh advocates ReSharper in the beginner’s course. I mean, that thing costs $130 just for a student license. Mosh should not have mentioned this in the beginner’s course at all(& is not mentioned as a pre-requisite at all), considering it’s an add-on only for advanced C# developers and comes at a cost. He does advocate ReSharper many a times throughout the course, but on the brighter side, he does provide workarounds for the ‘less fortunate’ . :slight_smile:

Different times. This was recorded years back and Resharper was more of a thing than it is today (to me at least). IMHO VS has already included a lot of nice tools.
It is a bit like would you buy a Lexus RC F (86K€) when you can do with a cheaper car (Say 10~35K€) ?

Actually I would if I had the money. :slight_smile:
But this is far from necessary. I could do with a ~10K Dacia.

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