The Resharper plug in

Hi All
The course talks about the ‘Resharper’. I have also seen it working inside the course(it makes life a bit easy)
as I googled, it’s a 30 days free thingy and then one needs to pay thereafter. I don’t want this payment yet ( as I am only Learning and the 30 days will be up in a jiffy before I am halfway through the course).
So am I only looking at these two options currently :
A) pay up after the trial period/or finish the course <=30 days
B) chug along the course without the Resharper and donkey code it all ( write all namespaces manually etc.)

Thanks in advance.

I did not use Resharper over the trial period.
In my experience Resharper makes VS slow down drastically plus breaks stability.
It has very cool features I’d love to see in VS but that’s not worth it IMHO.
Also AFAIR Mosh mostly enjoys the refactoring from Resharper to move classes in their own files. It was added to VS since then.

As of auto-completion, it is named IntelliSense in VS and is part of the software for ages.
Just 2 handy shortcuts*.

  • Ctrl+Space is auto-completion
  • Ctrl+Shift+Space shows the parameters of a function when you are within the parentheses.

* I did not use VS for a few months and I may be a little off but should be those shortcuts.


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<In my experience Resharper makes VS slow down drastically plus breaks stability.>

but there is also a complete dedicated course from Mosh abt. this where it also states:
quote:There is a whole section dedicated to ReSharper, which is one of the greatest plug-ins for Visual Studio. If you’ve never used ReSharper before, this course is a must for you.: Unquote

heh heh heh ! …two wise sages with diff. pov !

anyway I do kind of know now what I was asking for …& thanks again for the bail out here(& those handy shortcuts) :slight_smile:

Well, as I told (and I will specify a bit also) feature wise Resharper is great.
The quote is no doubt several years old. IMHO VS already introduced the big interesting features.

As of being a wise sage, I don’t know. I have IT background but in dev I fall under Junior (maybe tending a bit toward intermediate).
Do one need to be a wise sage to give some feedback? :grin:

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