Microsoft Visual Studio outdated

Upon watching the video for “your first c# application” I noticed my program does not look the same as the one Mosh is showing and I am missing things in mine that he is showing. Could someone help maybe I dont have the settings correct or maybe is the video outdated and the new version has different setup.

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Mosh uses Visual Studio for the C# course. Are you using Visual Studio Code? If so, you might want to switch to using Visual Studio while running through the course so that it’s easier to follow along.

I am using the latest of visual studio and its got diff screens, can i attach ss to this forum?

i think you using VS 2022 and not the 2019
they removed some lines but it will work perfectly fine and its even beter as it complete code by tiping TAB.

you can copy it from microsoft site
give it a try
or install VS 2019 (less recomended)

Thank you for the information I was just confused as he was explaining features that I dont see anymore and it seems when you start a new C# project it automatically puts in the hello world code but in a different way I will try to attach a ss of his vs new version.

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correct, but other than that its almoust the same :slight_smile: