I am unable to make a C# project in vscode

In the C# course, mosh is using a different version of vscode, and I can’t make a C# program.

BTW I can make a discord server if you guys want.

Hi I think its because Mosh is using Visual Studio which is the IDE and not Visual Studio Code which is the editor. If you want to see which tool is best for you, you can use the picker below to choose and download depending on your language / platform:


Lucidlear made a point.
I did not notice is it actually VS Code. Blinded by the knowledge the course is indeed with VS and I assumed it is pretty clear.

I also code C# with VS Code on occasion. You can create projects with the command line.

dotnet new list shows the list of available templates on your system.

For a console app it would be like this.

You can install the C# extension by Microsoft.

Coding C# in VS Code is perfectly doable.

It is not always the most pleasant and I have no idea how to approach mobile dev with it. For most of the rest it is OK.

Good luck.