Can't follow outdated VS info in "The Ultimate C# Series: Part 2" need help

in “The Ultimate C# Series: Part 2 > Classes > Properties video”
Mosh tells us to build the project and the install the productivity power tools extension. I’ve done this and I am unable to follow to tutorial because what Mosh proceeds to do does not exist.

Mosh tells us to right click on the project and choose “Open Command Prompt”. This is not an option. What is the way to achieve this in VS2019?

Here is two images of the tutorial.

This is what I see:

I don’t know what to do and can not follow the tutorial. I’ve google it and all the answers open up a command prompt which is different from moshes. This is what the Tools > Command Line > Developer Command Prompt looks like for me. It has the directory for the solution but not the project. Whereas I can see that Mosh’s command prompt shows the directory to the project inside the solution. I don’t think these are the same thing.

Use “Open in Terminal”…


To illustrate.
This is VS 2022 but they are pretty close with VS 2019

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