Different look of the startup project and its structure

I just started learning C#.
While following along the video I found that the new project I created was different from Mosh’s.
Not just the startup code but also its structure (right hand side) are totally different. (Here I can only insert a picture so I put mine and you can refer to Mosh’s project in the “Your first C# project” recording)
Would this be a normal thing?
Could there be a reason for this difference to exist?
And will there be a major issue or inconvenience to the future learning?
Thank you.

Welcome to .NET 6 and C# 9.
This is the top level statement feature.
The code in here is actually what you’d put into the Main() method.
As far as I remember you cannot create static methods here. You have to export them in a separate file and invoke them instead.


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