Starting java. current version looks different to mosh's tutorial

Hello, I have recently started learning java with mosh.

My intellij looks a bit different from mosh’s video.
My JDK is also 20 as it is the recent one but in mosh’s video it is 12.

I understand that the tutorial may be out of date but these applications look a bit different now so i am losing myself a bit.


This is likely to happen especially on “outdated” courses.

Newer versions of Java should be backward compatible.
That said, there may be breaking changes between versions.
They may have thought of a better way to do anything and it is visible in the new API having different methods for example.

This is nothing to worry too much if it works the same.

Just ignore the look for now and focus on technical/functional aspects.


There are a few things i dont get how do.

i am struggling to add the java complier as it shows something different compared to mosh’s video. both the layout is different and the jdk is newer.

Reference: Mosh - Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals - “4- How Java Code Gets Executed (timestamp 1:10)”

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That I think, if answered, would help people on this one as well. Please see my comment and have someone respond accordingly.

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