Your first Java Program


so this is my first day doing a course. at the moment I’m doing "Introduction to programming with Java. I downloaded Java 18, on the tutorial video Mosh was using Java 12.0.01. I’ve also downloaded IntelliJ version 2022.1, Mosh was using 2019.1.2.

I’m at step 3 (your first Java Program) when opening IntelliJ, I clicked on New project. In mosh tutorial you see the Java map displayed on the left top corner, I can’t see that on the updated version. I do see Maven Archetype, Java FX, kotlin, Compose and Android on the left side.

I also can’t manage to find the “create project from template” or the “Base package:”

I’ll appreciate if anyone could help me out, I am new so still trying to figure things out. It’s a bit complicated following tutorials with different version programs and layouts.

Thank you.