Intellij version 2022.1


When creating a new project in the program intellij, where can I find “create project from template” or the “Base package:”

I’m using intellij 2022.1 version. In a tutorial video from Mosh he was using intellij version 2019.1.2, and in that version when creating a project you could create project from template and name a Base package.

Thank you for any help.

When you create new project cheack this and select

if you dont understand me
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The version of IntelliJ (C2022) does not give me this screen when I start a new project. I have no option to specify a base package. Please could anyone help?

Hi @oceanchild I have answered those question with detailed screen shots on the “JDK and IntelliJ version issue” (Part 1) and “Java beginner waiting for solutions” (Part 2) topics in the forum.

They only allow new joiners to the forum to send one screenshot per post and maximum three reply’s per topic, hence it being so hacked up.