How do I get Java generator on IntelliJ instead of Java FX?

Hello guys,
I recently started Mosh’s “The Ultimate Java Mastery Series”
but found that this course is run with Java version 12.0.1 and IntelliJ 2019.1.2

However, since it is already 2023
I could not find the same version with Mosh so just installed Java version 21 and IntelliJ 2023.2.2.

and here comes the problem…

when I try to make New Project in Intellij,
there’s no Java Generators, I can only find JavaFX, and then the next step is bit different from the lecture, so I got confused.

when I simply choose New Project, and select Language as Java, Build System as IntelliJ
it immediately start new project panel.

However, in the lecture, Mosh choose options to create project from template - Command Line App / and also set Base package…

and I dont know how to do these steps TT

Is there a way to get Java generator instead of Java FX in my version??

You do not need a “Java Generator”. IntelliJ is a Java IDE, so all projects will start in Java unless you specifically choose a different language from the language options. After the project starts create a new class. Read the tips below before you create the class. You are doing good, code away.

TIPS! to keep your information organized:

  1. Create a Module for each section, Ultimate Java, Ultimate Java: Object-Oriented… etc.
  2. Within each module, create a new Package for each Topic within each course section.
  3. Keep a Main Class OUTSIDE of those modules to run all codes, or create a main class within each module. Intellij will remind you to import classes when needed.

This will help with new Java projects and versions: Var key word in java not working - #12 by King_Sardius