How to get Mosh Java course code to work in IntelliJ


I downloaded Mosh material for the Java course but not sure how to get it to work in IntelliJ.

When start a new project and bring in the downloaded files, I get a lot of errors.

I am assuming i am not loading the files properly, is it possible to assist in how to properly do so?

Thank you in advance!!

Screenshot 2021-12-09 135235

All java file classes want to see on output should contain public static void main(String[] args) and if you want to have some methods like you have on-screen you call them, but what I see more, from the picture, you are trying to call another method with just variable (user.getEmail()), my suggestion for you - In the beginning try to be very precise on what you writing, each detail is very important. With time you will figure out what you missed here