JDK and Intellij version issue

anyone is learning the Java course in 2022? Mosh’s video was recorded using JDK 12 and Intellij 2019 versions. The current version is JDK 17 and Intellij 2022. I am unable to follow any of the demonstrations in his video because the new version is way different from the 2019 one.
I tried to install Intellij 2019 on Mac but I can’t open the file cause Mac can’t verify this file. I am basically stuck. Anyone who registered for this course in 2022 has the same issue? what are the options here?
I also purchased his python and HTML5&CSS3 courses, Does anyone know if I will run into the same software version issue?
Thank you!

I’m not developing in Java anymore but I took several courses from Mosh and many are outdated. That’s just how things go. Certainly there are differences with Mosh courses and to some extent it can be annoying. Technology goes on so that’s just going to happen no matter what. The new course released today will be outdated in 6 months to several years. But it is still relevant enough to teach the big ropes.
In the outdated courses I took, I had to do my own research most of the time.
I did not take the Java course but should you provide more context I may try to help.

How is JDK difference affecting you ?
How is IDE version difference affecting you ?
What operations are you stuck on ?

I can’t tell for python but HTML /CSS are simple enough to be able to state that there will be no problem with these. Very likely Mosh uses VS Code and will propose a set of extensions that could be replaced.

Good luck.

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Hey Gigi, I’m having the same issue with versions. I have registered for this course in Java this year 2022. Now, I’m still wondering if we use the same version he used in his video course, we download JDK 12 and Intillj 2019. What if we do that what can happen???

No, you should not have a problem when you get the vs code software it mostly comes with a lot of stuff in it and a lot of languages and Extensions and more.

Thank you for getting back to me.

the first 3 screenshots are from Intelliji 2022 version while I create a new project.

Those above are from Mosh’s video. I don’t see Java from the left side list as he showed in the video. he mentioned hitting “next” and then creating a project name and setting up a base package. However, in the 2022 version, I am unable to find the “base package” option. I am really new to coding and want to learn from scratch but it stops me here. I am sure the course will still cover core concepts and principles, but with this Intellij 2022 version, it is really hard for me to follow his 2019 video cause everything looks so different. I contacted his support team, had been told they will not update their video and recommended I swap course

hi Akanezmulume12,
I tried that route but my Mac gave me a hard stop to install Intillj 2019 and JDK 12 seems we need to create an account (not sure if it will be a free community download). Are you using a Mac or Windows? Let me know if you have any luck installing Intillj 2019 and JDK 12. Thanks!

I’m on Windows and I turned to .NET development. Now I’m downloading the IntelliJ 2022 version to see by myself.
The base package is simply the namespace in which you put your code. The convention in Java is often a reverse of your corporate URL (more on that @Oracle Docs).
For instance anything.dev.oracle.com would put their packages under
I don’t know how important it would be in the context of Mosh course but this is not a big deal on the general (when you code for yourself). Take good habits ASAP though for in the professional world this can be a bigger deal.

Now I see this does not exist in the wizard. Mosh courses are often a few years old and hence outdated. You can still manage to go through them. I did on many outdated courses (ASP .NET MVC while we use .NET Core, EF when there are changes in EF Core, you name it).

So this is what I have:

I think the base package has been replaced with Module name. Since Java 9 there is a concept of module.

I think this is the replacement for Base package.

Also since I do not remember which version (11? 12?) There are new licencing on JDK. Basically use OpenJDK instead in the context of personal programming/learning.

I must admit I feel a bit confused because I don’t see any package statement in the sample code produced as it was last time I did anything in Java. But .NET goes the same way of having top level code without explicitly stating a namespace or a class.

Good luck.

I Think we should just go along with the outdated version for the purpose of learning.

My suggestion, use same version for learning what courses are made. I’m not sure about editor IntelliJ can you get older versions, but for any language definitely. I always chose LTS (Long Term Support) versions, most do it. Assume to chose version in beginning is quite simple, later probably virtual environment or even virtual machine will help you :slight_smile: with different editions

Hey guys, I have downloaded Java and IntelliJ 2019.1.4 (not the latest version of IntelliJ but this one has everything the same as the one in Mosh’s Videos).
So far, everything looks the same as in the tutorial videos, I would recommend going with these versions for training purposes.

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It will only let me embed one media item per post, so prepare for multiple posts :sweat_smile:
Just download the newest versions and follow the below steps:

1.) Change the Name to HelloWorld.
2.) Choose the location where you want it saved on your PC.
3.) Select the JDK you downloaded → mine is Eclipse Temurin 17 as I need this version for work.
4.) Change the Module name to com.codewithmosh.
5.) Click on Create

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This is what it looks like now:

Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 12.52.56 PM

6.) right click on the src folder → select New → select Package → name it com.codewithmosh

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Welcome to the community.
Mosh courses are not always up to date and therefore things have changed.
But this is the good attitude to try porting it to the newest versions.
This is likely what you’d be working with.


Regarding media, you can put multiple ones, no problem.
Just a few images to show you it is possible.

One image


And the other.


And so on if needs be…

This helped me thanks

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Hi, yes, thank you but it wouldn’t let me do more than one image as a newbie in my first post, after that it’s fine :wink:

Hi! What I did is that I download jdk 12.0.1 and IntelliJ 2019.1.4. Both are available on the official websites of each app. Per my experience it’s the same just like on the tutorial videos.

Hope this help