From the scratch

hello, I have downloaded java and intellij. When I put the intellij on the java application, it is saying another version of java is on the run. What should I do now? Without the practice field, how would I advance on this course? cordially,

Would you please provide screenshots or something that can give us some clue?

And yes, you can work on some projects to get your hand wet with Java – maybe write your own back-end service with Java, or if you’re a fan of Minecraft, you can write plug-ins.

However, before you do the monkey coding stuff, I recommend you to finish the entire course and do your own research on Google or StackOverflow before panicking. Copy-paste the error message into the search bar will work most of the time.

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Thanks, I have gone through part 1. I shall explain what happened exactly: At the very beginning of the course, Mr. Mosh downloaded Java and IntelliJ. Then he started the course practically on the IntelliJ. I did try to do so. I downloaded IntelliJ perfectly, then I tried to download Java. But a notice came out from my laptop saying that another Java version is running. I went to “setting” and uninstalled all the Java programs from my laptop. Then tried to download the new Java version. The same notice is still coming out from my laptop. So I failed to download Java on my laptop. What to do next? How do I able to download the new Java version, please? cordially, syphul.

I still hope you upload the screenshot since multiple java versions can run on the same machine without trouble. And be sure you are downloading JDK instead of JRE.


here is a quick shot for you, is it going to work?

Everytime it has been showing this message since last Monday.

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Hello, Would you get me an idea, how shall I download all the lecture of part 1 in one file, please?
same again, how shall I download all the lecture of part 2 in one file, please? best regards.

You can just download the courses lecture by lecture.

I tried several times, but it is not getting through. Please have a look and get me a better idea. best regards.

Try opening the download links in a new tab.

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Mosh doesn’t follow the forum. You can cancel your subscription via your personal menu on, “Manage Subscriptions”.