Need help starting with JAVA

please update the java course,
I need help, when I open IntelliJ on my Mac, I don’t see a blank java project, I only see java FX which makes me think I have done something wrong, mosh can you please update the course with up to date instructions

While I cannot speak for Mosh updating the course, you can generally follow JetBrains’ own instructions for installing IntelliJ. They are the makers of IntelliJ after all.

They do mention that you need to install Java JDK on your own:

You do not need to install Java to run IntelliJ IDEA because JetBrains Runtime is bundled with the IDE (based on JRE 11). However, to develop Java applications, a standalone JDK is required.

Oracle (who owns Java) has their own instructions for installing Java JDK stuff here. Unless you are on Linux, the installation is mostly “download the installer and run it.” For most Linux-based systems (eg. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc), you can probably use the local package manager to install it (just search for JDK in the package manager UI).

Java 17 is the current Long Term Support (LTS) version so I would recommend installing that version and you can see the other LTS versions here (for example, Java 21 will be LTS when it is released around September 2023, but these are subject to change so refer to Oracle’s website for up-to-date information).