React 16.14 course shows keys error on mine, not on Mosh's

This is from the componentDidMount() section I think,
because there is no _id, so when we go to listgroup.jsx line 12, there is no valid key
Gets this error in console (pink at bottom)
Completely unsure what to do. I’m following his code exactly but getting different things.
If I add a key to the componentDidMount() section,

Since I’m new, I can only post one image, so I’ve made a combo.

This is dealt with later in 16- Sorting- Raising the Sort Event | Code with Mosh at 3:00 minutes in. Wish he had mentioned it earlier. It was making me crazy.

I do wonder if Mosh uses this intentionally as a teaching technique to try and make us go away and try to find out for ourselves what is causing these issues.

Whilst this may be frustrating at times, it’s also good practice at troubleshooting.

Yeah, I doubt that, sorry. If that were the case, there would be some interaction from the admins from time to time. I used to have a Capoeira instrctor who would hurt people and everyone would explain it away as him just “trying to teach you a lesson.” I don’t think having a forum that you never have any official admin check is an effective teaching method, it just seems like BS marketing to me, so he can say he has a forum where people can get answers. They “can” but they’re very unlikely to.

I don’t know about. you, but I ask questions here because I am unable to find the answers. And I expect a course that I pay for monthly to have at least some administrative interaction. I think tha’ts pretty reasonable.