React Course Outdated

I’m just a beginner with React and purchased this course Master React with Mosh. The problem is that the template that comes by default is not the same as the one taught in the course. I’m having a hard time following this course. I tried to copy the example in Mosh course but gives me an error…server was not found. So I’m stuck in lesson 3 (components). Does anyone have this problem? Thanks

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Hi LuciaPF,

I am learning the course as well. I am at the topic Authentication and Authorisation. From my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the previous lessons. If you don’t mind please let us know which topic you get stuck at and I hope can help you out.


Hi ThangTruong,

As LuciaPF have mentioned, I’v noticed same thing after installation of latest version of React.
I’m having errors on Pagination, Filtering and Sorting under Displaying pages section.
The problem is I can’t display the 3 buttons or 3 pages, instead I’m getting only one button or one page.
So, if you could help me to fix this errors, I’m very much thankful to you.
Also, under this section, I’ve found Mosh is downloading the third party library called lodash. If possible for you, if you could help me to understand on this, it’s much grateful to you.
Thanks very much in advance!

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Hi Somdhendup,

You are getting stuck at the section pagination, filtering and sorting right ?There is some factors you need to verify like:

  1. Have you install corrected and enough services ? like: prop-types, lodash and bootstrap ? (make sure installed corrected version according to lessons). Please upload the screenshot for me to see
  2. please upload the screenshot of index.js, movies.jsx and pagination.jsx: we will see inside and let you know ?

Or you could download the start, finished folder to see.

If you want to understand what’s lodash:

I hope this could help


Hi ThangTruong,

I’m so sorry for late reply.

As you have suggested, once again I installed exactly like Mosh, and finally it resolved the issues I was having.
I should say thanks very much for your links and help.


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Hi Sonam,

It’s my pleasure.


Hi Thang,

Good Day,

Im at the pagination section and struck at "lodash" part. Ive attached both my pagination code, vulnerabilities displayed when I installed the lodash@4.17.10.
After repeating the same steps, still I see only 1 page number in my vidly project.
I doubt some version or compatibility issues in lodash cause this issue.
Itd more helpful if anyone could assist on this issue ASAP since I couldnt move to the next session soon.


@Raj91 - prefer to create a new thread for your specific question rather than reviving this really old thread. Thanks!


Thanks, just created a new thread. You may find it under “lodash Pagination installation issue - please assist.”