Intermediate React Course Constructive Criticism - and possible bug

Hey Mosh! Great job on the course. Very informative and up-to-date. I enjoyed that you used TypeScript as I want to be using that in all my projects.

I think what would make these courses even better would be smaller exercises that just test knowledge of prior material (not prior material used in a new or novel way).

Maybe it’s just me, but the exercises tend to require knowledge of new techniques. And for the audience of people here who are likely new to React, it’s probably discouraging. It was for me at any rate.

Also, the exercise prompts weren’t always that clear. for example, when asked to make screenshots I didn’t know where you wanted them. Top of the page, bottom, left, right? The pattern of questions was often like this in my opinion - a big ask with not very much direction.

Besides that, great work! I loved the lesson lengths, organization, your tone of voice, and the UI for the project is amazing.

The bug - I notice Grand Theft Auto is the only card that seems to display a video.

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