Project management related resources

Hello there,

As a member of this forum I am also a learning person.
I feel fairly confident to solve most of my technical programming related issues on my own. I mean by that it is fairly easy to find resources on the web.

One topic though I don’t feel like too sure is the organisational, planning stuff. I can determine requirements or backlog items but I have absolutely no idea how I could estimate how long such item would take or how much it would cost. What I find on the web seems to generic and not practical enough.

I’ve also read books about project management but it felt like targeting people already in the field. Too vague / general and I could relate to only a few points.

Do you know any comprehensive / practical resources that could be helpful ?

Do you know people who explain such thing well just like Mosh does for code ?

I know SCRUM overall. I get the idea of using planning poker to estimate a task. But I am also not confident in my ability to properly estimate anything.

Should you dev in a company for a living , you can also tell us a bit about how it looks like IRL.

Thank you.

In practice, the only reasonable way to estimate the size of a task is by experience. Until then you can only make wild guesses.

When you have some experience with similar tasks, you can have a pretty good idea about the scale of a task because you can compare it to other things you have done before. “Ah, this is just like (thing I did last month), I think it will take about 2 weeks.”

Even with experience, estimating the size of a task is guesswork because some parts of your code may not be as clean as others. Often the hidden parts of doing something are the biggest cost. For example, I had to refactor five classes to discover a bug that could be fixed with one line change after the refactoring exposed the bug.

In the meantime, you can start with wild guesses and build up a library of sorts of tasks that you will now have a better idea of how long it takes to do those kinds of tasks. That is the best advice I can give.

Unfortunately, the best resources I have seen on project and time management have been internal presentations by my colleagues so they are privileged and confidential. There are many resources out there about SCRUM and Agile development. Much of it only works if your company uses those systems. There are also things which depend on what type of system you have available for sharing work progress, etc.

One other important aspect we found was a good triage system to review incoming work and bug reports. If you do not have a good triage system you get constantly derailed by incoming stuff. The SCRUM / Agile world has a systematic approach to this, but your company has to agree to those terms. Regardless, you need a good triage setup.

Good luck!