About solving the Exercises

Hi friends
I have an issu :
when I am solving Exercises usually takes more than 5 to 10 minutes or maybe could not solve some of those,
am I not good for programming?
or this is natural?


In short this is natural.

You’re worrying for 5/10 minutes ?
I sometimes spend hours if not days on a problem…
As a learning person you should define your own boundaries but to me 5/10mn is way too short. Of course it depends on the complexity of the problem.
The rule of thumb is you should take about 3 times as much time as a seasoned dev. Now in reality that can easily be more.
Every hour of course I take is roughly 6 hours of extra work for me. Taking notes, creating my own graphics when relevant, doing the actual work and assignements…
If Mosh states you should take 5 minutes it is a goal to achieve. If you can’t achieve it, it only means you need to put extra work until you can get to that point. Are you good to programming ? If you are persistent, future will likely tell yes you are.

thanks, I like programming and I hope to learn it and quit my Job to be a developer . I try harder . thanks dude.