Javascript exercises difficulties

Anyone having difficulties in solve JS exercises in the Fundamentals of JS or it is just me?
I find it odd when he says to spend 5-10 minutes in an exercise, like I need maybe an hour if it is to me get this done by myself.

Don’t worry for that. 5 10 minutes is when you perfectly understand and master the problem. As a learning person you will spend more or less time depending on your level.
Take the time you need. Spend as much as you need to go ahead. At some point, this is fine to seek help or an answer but it is up to you.

Good luck with your assignements.

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Please share with us about the concepts that you are having difficult time with.

It’s perfectly fine to not know anything in the start because everyone’s brain works differently.

Write things down to understand better. Take short breaks after each videos.

All the best.