Exercises in JavaScript Course Aren't Suitable for Learning from Scratch

Hello all,
I have recently took the plunge into decided I want to learn JavaScript, I have no prior programming experience or knowledge apart from Python basics.

So I purchased Mosh’s JavaScript course, and nearly at the end of the exercises on the ‘Control Flow’ section. Now, half of the exercises Mosh is asking his students to complete for him i think is far too complex considering one has only just learned loops, out of all the exercises videos I’ve watched thus far i’ve only been able to complete one by myself, the rest caused nothing but frustration and confusion, even more so when Mosh is relating these exercises to ‘simple’. I understand 90% of everything when he is explaining, but when it comes to me doing it myself when i’m asked to complete a task i struggle, even more so for the ‘for of’, ‘for in’ and ‘while’ loops. I’m now very hesitant to carry on the course as i dont want my brain to be more fried than it already is and push my ambitions to wanting to learn JavaScript to an end.

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Do you have an example of an exercise which was “too difficult”? Also, have you tried going back to re-watch the lessons?

It is a little hard to be helpful here without more details on what the problem is. Are you saying that the exercises require more information than what Mosh had explained in the lessons? If so, it would be more helpful if you point out where he expects you to know something before he teaches that thing. Otherwise, I think the expectation is that you can go back and rewatch the lessons if you did not pick it up on the first pass. It is pretty common when learning something to need to hear it a few times before it sticks. Or if you are having trouble with a particular exercise, you can ask for help with that particular exercise.

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Hi there folks,

Similar experience of starting with Python then making the leap to JavaScript. . . .

What I discovered is a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS before making that leap into JS is way better. So, for me, things got better after I circled back and got HTML5 with CSS certificate.

Here’s what . . . I don’t believe “it will come to you” unless you have Musk-like photographic memory. Mosh says to take notes. Good advice. No, I mean take serious notes not just bread crumbs. This could work . . . google “JavaScript interview questions”. Study them and maybe the exercises might seem more relevant. Just do it anyway, it might just get you that job, who knows.


I agree with this advice.

In addition, if you are having trouble with specific topics, such as loops, try creating simple loops on your own. Create a list, a list of objects, try just simply logging them in console. Maybe add some if or else conditions in the loop, see how it behaves. Then if you can understand how a loop works at a basic level, try to implement a part or all of the requirements provided for the exercise. If you have to take it at a snails pace, then by all means do so. Once you understand the basics at a fundamental level, the rest is just figuring how to chain the fundamentals together.

I agree with the author of this post is expressing! For example, javascript exercise - 4 on Array (Moving an element)…already a function with 3 parameters working with slice, splice…I think it is too far ahead in a Javascript course.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If the exercises are or are not beyond your current capabilities, you will learn from them. Try the best you can, even sleep on it and come back to it. Also, there is no shame in looking at the solutions when you can’t get out of the rut. If you take a new understanding away from it then you are better than before. Too many people want immediate. You are learning new ways to think about problems at the same time as you are learning a new language.

HTML, CSS, and the DOM are important pieces of using JavaScript in projects, but you do not need any of them to learn JavaScript. The same core techniques and tools learned in the course can and will be applied to the DOM api when you come to it. It is just another canvas to apply the same tools and techniques to.