New to Javascript

Hey I am on the javascript mastery series part 1. I am having difficulty with the exercises already. Just wondering if there are any suggestions of what I should go through beforehand? Or should I just keep going through the material. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Hello MunySullivan, I would spend some more time practicing the topics that are difficult for you now. For example I have been learning SQL with a book, but it does not contain many exercises. So after every couple of chapters, I spend some extra time practicing at SQLZoo before I go on to the next topic.

What are the practice examples? I don’t think there is anything you can do except going back to the previous lectures, rewatch, try to understand it, and try again. As it is all basics. They are no more basic JS than the mastery 1 series…

You could excercise on sites like

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William, I am so liking I think this may become my new training addiction!