Looking for a JavaScript learning partner

Hello guys,

I just started learning JavaScript Part 1, and honestly, it hasn’t been an easy one. Self learning needs a lot of self discipline and motivation. So i thought of having a learning and an accountability partner such that we can check-in with each other every few days, checking in on the progress we are making and on weekends jointly solve coding challenges based on what we have learnt over the week. I am excited for an opportunity to pair program.

If you are interested, kindly message me so that we can work out a plan.


Hey Prez,

I just signed up but I might be up for the learning partner idea.

Have you started the course yet?

Awesome to hear from you!
I just started but i can definitely restart with you so that we can be on the same page. Let me know what you think so that we can put things in motion.

We can set up a slack channel for instant messaging and collaborations. On a weekly basis, we can get on codewars to take on beginners JavaScript coding challenges.

I’m on the part 2 javascript course think i’m a bit to far ahead…a little bit of a spoiler part 2 is so much harder to understand. So really make sure you understand part 1 really well before moving to this one.

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Just started learning it too, Pls suggest video learning.

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Thanks for the heads up Jord, very well noted.

If you just started the JavaScript part 1, let me know if you are up as learning and coding partner.

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Hello Prez,

I just started 2 days ago and already completed the Part 1, going to Part 2 but having some difficulties with Styles.css.

If you want we could share our good and bad experiences.


Bob Di

Hey Prez, sorry for the delay - will be jumping on soon - been a bit busy with learning some JS on free access I had to Linkedin Learning so I might have a headstart but don’t quote me on that!

How long is part 1?

Hello my name is Jeff i just started learning JavaScript part 1 and i am in need of a learning partner … pls feel free to hit me up.

Hi Prez , do you have already a learning partner?

Hello. I am also new to Javascript and going through the course I’m having a tough time with the exercises. Would be interested in a partner

hi, i’m working on a real world project using node.js,react.js and mongodb if you are interested just tell me

Hi There

are you still looking for a coding partner ?

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I’m in the middle of the course right now if you’d like we can partner up

Can i joy?How can I joy?

i want to start,
can i join you?

Hello @Prez. I just started learning JS, and i’ll be delighted having a learning partner

Hello, i might be up for the learning partner idea !