Searching for a Javascript learning partner

Hi all,
I’m in the middle of the first javascript course and would like to partner up with someone who’s taking a similar learning path. also someone from same time zones? I’m from the netherlands.
I have tons of motivations and excitement and looking forward to practice challenges and push each others.

Plz leave a comment with your email address or discord and i’ll get back to you.
keep the learning going.

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Hello man ;
you are in right place i’m in same path
contact me on mail to start learn
mail :

Hi there!

thats a great idea, I am also learning JavaScript and it would be awesome to start a small Discord group where we can share our knowlege and help each other. I am also open for short meetups where we can talk about the topics we currently learning.

Feel free to contact me on Discord: nakazoomi#3130

check your discord I added you

Interested. In London.

What is your discord?

@E001 - added you.

here’s mine: Samsky#0387

Hello everyone! I am new hire and I want to learn JS. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with that programming language. Is someone willing to study with me step by step and help me to learn JS for the first part of programming, front-end web development? I have knowledge from the following tools HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and now I am learning Sass.

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do you have discord ? add me Samsky#0387 or email:

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Contact me

i have to relearn javascript because i still dont understand it. here is my discord name: goldrebo#7104

me too am fresher and want to learn that we can start email to me

Please add me to discord, dpumah25. Thank you!

My discord is dpumah25#1955

I’m going to start the Javascript course as well and would like to partner up with anyway and learn together. Please email me and we can get started