Coding partner for JavaScript

Hi all,

I’m from Sweden , I’ve just started the first javascript course and would like to partner up with someone who’s taking a similar learning path, anyone interested ?



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Yes. I’m kind of new here too. I am actually in the middle of a HTML/CSS course but I wouldn’t mind starting JavaScript course a bit earlier (I actually missed a lot of days bc of my laziness and am currently way behind my schedule)

How do you want to do it? From what I see it’s impossible to either DM or follow another user here. Maybe we could a messaging app like Telegram or something?

Hey there I’m definitely down to having a Javascript code buddy. At the moment I’m on learning objects in detail. Let me know if you want to connect

Maybe we could create something like a chat on Telegram? Or somewhere else.

The three of us would be better than two, imo.

Anyway, hit me up if any of you need a coding partner


I am from Uk. I just finished the html and css series

Now I am learning js. I am interested to find a buddy and growth together.

I will be pleasant if we can study together

How would you like to contact me ?
Email ? Or you going to create a social media group . Please let me know

See you!

Never used telegram but I’ll definitely download it. Whats your username?

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So, Telegram is basically a messenger (like Viber or WhatsApp) but with some additional functionality. I know it’s quite popular in Europe which is why I suggested it. If you want to give it a try, download Telegram, open it and then click on “create a new message”.

There you can enter the phone number of your friends - or you can enter nickname (by the way, phone number of people you don’t know is hidden). My nickname is @SpeedMaster365

There will be a pink helmet on the profile pic.

great I already downloaded telegram and I made an account Ill add you right now

Okay, what we do by partnering up? Give me some insights, how it would be beneficial for both of us and what would we do.

We would study the course together and help each other if one doesn’t understand also we would motivate one another to keep learning and not slack off. If your interested let me know

Hi Mr Hunter1611,

I would love to study together.
Due to limited time, I am more focusing on node and angular.
Let me know if you want to start 1 of them.
We can surely start together.