JavaScript part 1 study mates. and mentors needed

Hello everyone my name is jeff… i just started studying The Ultimate JavaScript Mastery Series - Part 1…Am new to java Script i must confess its taking a toll on me understanding the basics… Am looking for study partners who i can start with, interact and also grow together, we can share what we ve learnt and interact on JavaScript …pls interested persons should pls indicate …Thank you

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Hey Jeff,
Give me a shout if you would like! Right now I am working on JavaScript Part 1 and also SQL. I did PHP/SQL through the University. So the SQL is a review and learn. I am about 40% of the way through JS Pt 1. If I can help, or we can help each other let me know.

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Hey Barnes
Thanks for wanting to help out… Are on Discord?? Bigjay #5883 is my Discord id, would be lovely if we could connect would make chatting easier. Presently am on lesson 4 Dynamic typing … would gladly wanna study and practice with you… Thanks a Bunch

Just sent you a request through discord. Or you can pull mine up @ DougNJen#6056. I look forward to working with you. But now, I actually have to head off to work.

Enjoy the Dynamic Typing. The following subject, Objects, will be a very big topic later on.

ok Barnes thanks again

Hey Jeff, hope you have a nice day. I have also started this course and I’m at javascript part 1 Basic section, but i have also completed Node.js 55%.
I would be happy to study with you :slight_smile:

hi gorgeous ;
im also start nodejs and react if you would we could study and share knowlege toghether

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I would love to contact you and share my knowledge with you

this my mail contact me

Greetings. I am also Learning Javascript-1 I am following Mush recommendation learning path HTML, CSS and curious about whats next. If you open a privet forum I would like to join to share my findings.