React project going over my head

I’m on the building a video game discovery app project video #21 but man this one is tough to follow. Let alone figure out how I’d do it on my own.

Do you guys feel this way too? I’m curious what you’d do if you were me to learn well because I don’t want to just follow and realize I can’t do any of it on my own.

I’m realizing it may be because the concept of query parameter is new to me and this video consisted of 15 steps that I’ve never seen before lol

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Query parameters are new to me too - so I feel your pain. You are so close to finishing it now and when you have completed it you will be so familiar with the code it will start to become less strange.
I get what you mean about wondering if you will ever be able to do it on your own. I just finished the project today - and I did a lot of following along-so I’m planning to watch again- take indepth notes and then build the app again from scratch without the videos, just using the title of the videos as prompts. If I get stuck then I’ll know which bits to concentrate on.

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Thanks. I’m taking notes too and going back to rewatch, but I’ve found getting stuck at one phase of learning can also be counter-productive if it makes it a drag.

For example, I’ve already spent 3-4 weeks on the game hub app of the course. This is what has been challenging to me because I may give up if I continue too long at one thing and won’t look forward to learning to code. This hurts momentum.

Since I’ve been committing code, how can I get just the part of code for a particular section so I can do select steps on my own? I know there is a way I just don’t know how lol

You can see all the local commits in your terminal.

git log 

will show you the commit message for each commit you did.

git log --patch -2

will show you the diff for your last two commits to see if this is going to be useful.

If you miss off the -2 it will show you all the commits…click the q key to exit from the log.

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It seems a bit tough to go back and forth from commits on my local code. For example, if I want to review lessons 6, 12, 20, 24, and 28, how can I do that?

So far, I did git log, then found git checkout -b my-temp-branch <commit-hash> but now I’m not sure how to get to commit 12, then 20, then 24.

How can I do this?