React for Beginners, Self-Pity, Pain in Absorbing a Lesson in React

New student here. The first few topics have been really kind and I was absorbing them like crazy.

However, I started to hate myself after I started learning the chapters for React for Beginners: Building Forms. I tried myself to do the Expense Tracker but failed miserably and was only able to make a delete and filter functionality. I ended up watching the video solution instead.

That said, even after watching the video, I honestly still feel lost. I feel like I haven’t absorbed anything and I’m afraid to continue to the next chapter of “Connecting to the backend” without understanding how building forms even fully work.

The chapter for me is a lot to digest. It hurts. :sob: :cry: Can anyone suggest how I can digest these information without overloading? I’m stuck and am afraid to push through.

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I feel you!
I felt like that when I was in the beginning phase of my IT career.

You know what I did?

I wrote down every concepts until I got over them.
(trust me I used to even about write html tags, what they are how to use them?).

You know what happens when you try?

It actually starts to feel good.

It can take time, but it happens.

(So, finally my advice to you is: "Take a copy and pen, write every words he says in the video and try to go through it. Even if it takes a day!!!

Just don’t give up!
All the best.


Thank you, maverick. I’ll try out your advice. I’ll try to take things one step at a time. I hope I can absorb it this time. I really do want to learn and quite honestly, quitting isn’t really an option in my case.

Don’t let that discourage you. Remember, you’re a learner! It’s okay and normal to get lost. With practice and patience comes expertise. One day the stuff you’re confused about today will be a piece of cake and you’ll be confused about other things! That’s part of the learning journey. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Mosh. I’ve been really frustrated lately because I’m not absorbing anything. I’ll try my best.

I am not sure that ChatGPT is always going to be a good source but I am just starting to use it and when I have a snippet of code I don’t understand I usually add a statement to chatGPT like ;

here is a node.js code snippet please explain it verbosely:

chatGPT comes back with some great explanations and sometimes I take what it outputs and ask it to provide more info on some of its output ’