React 18 for Beginners: CRUD

I’ve been wondering, it’s been a week and I’m honestly still stuck at the “Forms” lesson, I’m not absorbing and it’s bringing me with frustration and sadness. It might be a different topic aside, but on what lesson of React 18 for Beginners could I actually found or have something similar to “CRUD”?

I really want to learn how implement an “Add”, “Edit”, “Update”, and “Delete” functionality as much even the most basic of examples. Or is it too much for a beginner?

Thanks in advance.

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dont worry bro… for a beginner it’s okay to not absorb quickly keep going

Thanks for your reply! I really am still struggling. Right now, I’m trying to look at different resources but still come at a dead end.

If you haven’t already, try the JavaScript, Node and TypeScript courses first before React, understanding the fundamentals before doing React should help a lot.


i suggest you the same as Ruu’s method…
i started out with html,css,js and react but didnt quite understand so later quit it to become a backend developer

by the way … you know html css or javascript ? or directly jumped into react?

you can return the course within 30 days so that
with that money you can buy JAVASCRIPT,NODE or any other course.

I’ve never learned deeply what node does apart from installing npm and same goes with TypeScript. I’ve only learned HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript.

I can’t say I’m an expert with JavaScript but I’ve already fallen into tutorial hell because of it. I’ve done my fair share of Front-End Mentor Challenges (HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript) and I’ve decided to jump into React, but then I find it weird to myself that every single thing feels new and I can’t seem to connect JavaScript and I hate myself because of it.

And with your comments, I feel like I need to go back to JavaScript again. :cry:

Thanks for your comment. I’m not familiar with Node (apart from npm) and TypeScript and it’s quite sad that I need to go back yet again to JavaScript, I believe I know the basics since I’ve had my fair share of Front-End Mentor Challenges and tutorial hells, but with my situation, I guess I have no choice… :sob:

It might help to start with some basic database courses as they’re a bit more straight forward in their operations and each of the CRUD operations is tied to database operations:
INSERT - adding data to database table
SELECT - reading data from database table
UPDATE - modifiying data already in a database table
DELETE - removing data from a database table

So you can mostly view CRUD as application level mappings to database operations
APP vs Database
Create = Insert
Read = Select
Update = Update
Delete = Delete

These are passed from the Frontend of an application (e.g. React) via HTTP commands; GET, POST, PUSH, PATCH, DELETE to backend (e.g. Node.js), which then communicates with the Database

Hope this helps

Hi, I have had the same problem over and over. The feeling of not grasping things is super frustrating.
What I do then: I watch the lesson over and over. Code along. Then try to code the lesson on my own. When I master one lesson, I go to the next.
On the next day, I try to code again - mostly I find that I get stuck on another problem than the day before .
I have done the lessons of the ‘Forms’ part many times before I got the hang of it, also because I don’t master TypeScript.
Hang in there!!!

My advice is to not expect so much when you are a beginner. As frustrating as it seems, you probably want to make progress quick. But unfortunately not everyone can do this. Regarding React, if you know the very fundamentals of JS or TS you should be fine. I come from a C++ background and have recently got into JS.