Problem for python course lecture 9 running python code

I just started the python course and I am currently on lecture 9, it says if I am on mac, I have to open the json settings, but I don’t see the 3 dots Mosh said I need to click, to open settings.json.![Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 10.58.54 AM|690x304]the(upload://8GKMFlgwGwK4jJVTqrVHLwBfUEM.png) btw the 3 dots on the top right corner are not it.

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bought the subscription, but it has taken a whole day just to figure out code editor,
anyway this is what is did…
type .json on the search bar and you will get an option
Workbench › Settings: Use Split JSON

Controls whether to use the split JSON editor when editing settings as JSON.
hope it help…
now trying to figure out how to have the output clean without RUN ,DONE

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type code-runner.exe

then change python -u to python 3. it took me awhile to figure it out. I even uninstalled it and reinstall but couldn’t find those 3 dots. I guess he was using an older version.

comma then type “code-runner.showExecutionMessage”: false

Thanks, got it… :+1:t3: :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

How do i find this file?.. when i go to settings and search “code-runner.exe” nothing at all comes up… i installed it… how are you guys finding this mysterious json file that has the executorMap in it?

EDIT: So this is crazy… I kept going back to the extension tab and under the Code-Runner app, you see the gear icon. I would choose extension settings (as various git hub threads referred to that), but nothing would show up in the settings area… so I uninstalled Code-Runner for the heck of it… THEN, I installed it again, BUT, first there was an option to choose older versions… I figured well Mosh did this in 2018, so I chose a version of Code-Runner that was two years old… I installed, THEN chose gear icon and BOOM, the json garbage popped up and I successfully edited the executor map trash… AMAZING… I wonder if I can get a job yet… :smiley:

LOL, awesome. it is all about trial and error as long as you get the solution.

Mine shows something different :upside_down_face:

type code-runner.exe with a dash not an underscore. Not code_runner.exe

i get the same thing if i type code_runner.exe

but if you use a dash code-runner.exe you should see the settings.json

Problem solved! You are an :angel:t2:

this is exactly what I get when I try to change the settings, please can anyone help me as I’ve been stuck for days now

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