Settings json error inside Visual Studio code

hi, can someone help me with this? I actually tried to change python_u into python3 but the Video in the course is not up to date so these … on the right of the settings inside of Visual studio code is not there anymore so i tried to find these settings and like in the picture i just did something wrong and now i always see these errors and dont know if i damage something on Python or how can i fix it ?

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On line 6 after the brace you need to put a comma and on line 58 you either have to put a missing brace or comma.

HOW did you get to the .json file? I cant find it at all… like you, i didnt have the "3 dots"on the right that said open setting.json… Now, when i search in the setting I find JSON underextensions… but when I click the link for edit setting, the file only has 2 lines of code in it… how do you find this huge file with the executorMap in it?

in the given searchbar, type code-runner executor below, you’ll be given various settings related to json. look for the one with coderunner executor map, click

i found a solution but I must’ve posted in a different thread… typing code-runner into search yielded nothing for me. Also, there must be multiple variables re: what each person will experience on their setup. OSX version, vscode version, code-runner version, etc. What I did to make it work, was to uninstall code-runner… the moment you do that, an option becomes available to install older versions… I chose a version from 2018 (since that’s when Mosh made this)… once I did, “code-runner” in the search bar yielded an “Edit json” link, and BOOM!!.. I was in business!!

I thank you for your reply!!.. much love :slight_smile: