Installing python3 on VS Code on Mac

Hi, I’m in Complete Python Mastery (Chapter1 - lesson9). My VS code is the latest version and on Mac. I can open setting.json.
But once I open it, there’s no search bar to search for “code-runner.executorMap”.
I’m stuck. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Update: Issue Resolved

The forum content you share is really useful to me, I will follow up with the next posts from you. Thank you for sharing.

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As a suggestion, post the way you resolved the issue… someone may have the same doubt and will benefit from your experience.

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Thank you for pointing that out, I’ll add the steps right away.

I had the same issue. it’s in course Complete Python Mastery (Chapter1 - lesson9). I can open setting.json.
When you go to Code, Preferences, Setting then there’s an icon on top of search bar right next to Run/Play Icon. That’s the icon for Setting.json.
I was able to find default settings in json file. View > Command Palette > Type 'Open Default Settings JSON" > Cntrl + F > then type “code-runner.executorMap”. You should see the “python”: “python -u”, on line 3882.
However, we don’t need to go there. Once you go to Code > Preferences > Settings > Setting.json icon, and a new window opens up, then add comma at the end of last line (will either day true or false), then go to next line and type "code-runner.executorMap” and hit enter when you see this function while you’re typing. Next go and change “python -u” to simply “python3”
Let me know if it worked for you

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I did this way and not working, can’t find the view. Can you explain? Thank you!