Possibly outdated courses, some info please

i’m a recurring subscriber, and I appreciate and thank you for your teaching.

I would love to have the debut dates of all the courses (I am a subscriber and gets them all on recurring payments), because I fell like some of them are less updated or relevant and there’s no information on the courses apart from their names and the names of the videos… shouldn’t there be some info like when was the course last updated, and which course replaced which exetra exetra…

would love to hear your response!

with Thanks, Yair.


I agree. I’m a new subscriber and am working on the Xamarin course. As I’ve progressed, it has become clear that it is somewhat out of date. I’ve had a few struggles trying to figure out how to proceed but have managed. That’s more difficulty than I’d like to have to take on when learning something new. I also posted a question to the Xamarin course forum here and was thoroughly disappointed to not receive any replies at all (even now, after weeks). I finally figured out a workaround and answered my own question. I guess I can understand that few others are taking that course, but I sure would have thought there was a moderator or someone in charge who would have taken up my issue.

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I bought access to the SQL course as a test before a suscribed for a full year, but unfortunately the forums (a place for some guidance) is nobody’s land.

I’ve tried to help in two courses: in the Python course (I don’t have access to Mosh’s course but I’ve been programming in Python for a couple of years now) so I think I can provide some guidace to newbies to the language… and the SQL course, but I’m just another student with limited knowledge… and some moderator in behalf of Mosh should be highly appreciated.

I was thinking about accessing the C# full course, but I still have to consider it since there is nobody who can answer questions.

Anyway, if I take any course today, the language will always evolve and what I learn today may be outdated tomorrow, so programming courses are no exeption to this rule. Perhaps we should take the basics and try to catch up as we learn… however this may be more difficult for some people to others.

There is something clear for me: Mosh way to explain is really good. That is a big plus, and it’s something not easy to find. And since there is nothing perfect in this world, I may have to find answers in stackoverflow, or following other tutorials… or by reading books (as the best progammers have done it :roll_eyes:)

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is there no discord available for codewithmosh?

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Not that I know of. And checking the website, neither the discord or forum support are provided…

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thats really unfortunate. I really like Mosh’s teaching style but having an inactive community is really a huge downer.


I see your point @RSpringer, taking a course from Mosh is like buying a programming book: once you buy it, you are on your own (no forums, no answers to your questions).

I was about to buy the C# access, but what you mention was a deal breaker for me :roll_eyes:. After digging for a couple of days, I found a fantastic C# tutorial series on youtube.

If someone was in charged of the forums, it’d be an awesome place to learn!


Same thing happened to me with the C# course. Videos are so old that string interpolation wasn’t even a thing back then. But like other user said, the way Mosh explains stuff is amazing. What you can do however is to ask your questions in stackoverflow, or just directly searching your doubts in google.

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I’m finding this to be the case with the Angular course also. Only 10% of the way into the course, information about services/dependency injection doesn’t work as shown in the video any more, and there is nothing in the forums describing a fix. I am having to research a resolution on my own. @programmingwithmosh, please update the course, provide notes on changes somewhere, or at least have someone help in your forums.