Is SQL course up to date

Hey, I am thinking to expand my knowledge by taking the SQL course.

Is the Mosh SQL course up to date or SQL stays the same through the years? I was reading some comments about the Angular 4 course for example and people were complaining that it’s so old and some things don’t work with the most recent versions of Angular.

I wouldn’t like to spend time for a course that is outdated.
I’m new to this, I hope my question is not silly!

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Indeed Technology goes on and there is a commonly spread idea that you’d need the up to date info. Which to some extent make sense. But on another level the old data is quite often still relevant. This is especially true to SQL which will go forward but quite slowly from what I can see.

I did not take the SQL course from Mosh but I have to level up in SQL too.

I just watched the content of the course and I find it very complete actually.

My company gives us access to resources such as Pluralsight, U.demy and alike. So I take courses from there now.

I think that if you know what is in there (P.S. I meant Mosh’s course), you are pretty advanced already. No matter what course you’d take, tech will always move on and you’ll need to complete on your own.

It is like by taking a course you deploy a complete backup and then you just patch deploying differential backups. But of course in 2023 you’d prefer to deploy a backup from 2022 to 2015.



Hello! thank you so much for replying with these useful information. I really appreciate your effort to explain me everything! Looks like I’ll give it a try!

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