SQL_Course material is not compatible

Hi, i just signed up today to the full course. Took me 2 min in to first course of SQL and I ran into issue directly… The course material is not updated or outdated. Whichever it is, the course material is not the same as in the SQL videos Mosh is teaching. pretty annoying, downloading course material that is not same as training video.

Anyone has the correct SQL_Course material that is compatible with the training videos…?

Thank you

Please clarify what your problem is.

Please check if you’re using the same versions of the softwares that Mosh is using.

I had the same problem.The materials he was using didn’t open on my computer and got me really frustrated.

Yes, I have the same issue starting at the section"Summarizing Data". There is only 1 client from VA in "customer"table from “sql_store” and there is no order for customer_id 1 from ‘orders’ table. Really frustrated!! I got all of my inputs right but the result is always different than his in the video. I downloaded course materials right from section 5 ‘creating the databases’. He must not have updated the course materials. Is there a way to contact him or support group directly? Thanks!!


You can write to support@codewithmosh.com but I think it will be more fruitful to create a new thread with steps to reproduce, error/output that you get and what result you expect.

I am having the very same issue! I can’t tell if I am messing up because my results are always different than Mosh’s. Did you ever get the correct data for the sql_store database?

I am having the exact same issue. Recreated the database several times. I am glad, I found your post.